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About Us

Joanna Ponsonby - A little about me

Joanna has been practising yoga for over ten years now, completing her teacher training (Yoga Alliance Accredited) in India.  Here she studied Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore style along with Vinyasa Flow, relaxation, Prana and mediation techniques. Joanna has a deep spiritual practice, building upon this as she travelled throughout India, experimenting with different teaching methods and styles. 


Upon Joanna’s return, she trained as a Children and Teen Yoga teacher with Calm for Kids, taking a Mindfulness course as part of this (Registered Children's Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance - RYTC). This felt a natural step for Joanna who had been working with children as a Youth Consultant in her ‘day job’ as well as studying developmental psychology as part of her degree. 


Joanna set up her own Yoga company, Banana Studio Yoga, for families in Tunbridge Wells. She teaches yoga and mindfulness in schools and in her own private space on Calverley Street in conjunction with The Right Tuition Company. Teaching Vinyasa Flow and Hatha to adults, whether that be parents, teachers or just someone who wants to build their practise is very much at the heart of her offering.  She has also trained in Pre and Post Natal Yoga with the British School of Yoga and is loving teaching pregnancy yoga to mummies to be on one of the most exciting journeys they will undertake.


Joanna endeavours to bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to the whole family, aiming to deal directly with the stresses of our busy contemporary lifestyles. 


Banana Studio has been created to deliver Yoga, Mindfulness and various wellbeing techniques to young people and adults.


With a passion for yoga, a degree in Psychology and 10 years professional experience working with children, teens and parents, classes with Banana Studio are based upon the specific needs of the whole family. 


Kids and teen classes...


Yoga and mindfulness with Banana Studio helps young people to learn to use their bodies and minds in a less prescriptive way rather than more formal types of physical education. Classes are non competitive and invite children of differing abilities to join in the fun! 


In the sessions, children will learn the traditional hatha poses but will have the opportunity to explore them in a ‘free style’ manner through role play, stories and dance. Visualisation techniques will be drawn upon, thereby helping them to learn how to accept themselves and work through their inner emotions. There will be group activities to encourage children to work together in a positive manner and express themselves vocally and physically in an inclusive and supportive environment.


Above all, yoga with Banana Studio is about having immense amounts of fun whilst practising! It enables children to relax, explore their bodies and express emotions in new and creative ways. Believe it or not, experiencing all this fun through yoga can really help children learn to concentrate by balancing out their energy levels and focusing their minds. 



Adult classes...


Classes are a mix of vinyasa flow and hatha and are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners. Vinyasa flow brings together breath and movement to leave you feeling invigorated and energised.  In our Hatha practise we slow things right down and learn about correct allignment; gently strenghtening the body whilst simultaniously relaxing into the asanas. We also incorporate pranayama, self enquiry exercises and restorative yoga into the sessions so you have a full experience of yoga, not just the physical exercises.


Gym sessions: #ThePowerHour


Joanna brings yoga to gyms where she teaches a faster pace Vinyasa Flow class to build muscles and develop the flexibilty of her students. Each week we focus on different areas such as back bends, hip openers,  core strengh. and inversions. Within the class we also learn simple techniques to relax such as pranayama, which can be taken out of the class and used in ones daily routine. The classes are suitable for beginners to more intermediate practitioners. 





"My daughter loves her yoga classes with Banana Studio.  She tells me excitedly about what she has done each week!  She has learnt so much, not only about yoga but about mindfulness and mindful eating, and is keen to share it with the rest of the family. Thank you!" - Mum of 7 year old, King Alfred School. 

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