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Banana studio Yoga provides Yoga and Mindfulness for toddlers, Kids, teens and adults in Tunbridge Wells.  My aim is to ensure that everyone gains the incredible benefits of yoga in a way that is right for them.


Toddler, kids and teen yoga...

We teach yoga and mindfulness classes for children as young as two all the way up to teenage and young adults. Children and teenage yoga classes are taught with the age of the child in mind and are multi-sensory; incorporating music, dance, art, story, props and include yoga games, partner and group yoga.  All of which enhances flexibility, strength, dexterity, concentration, confidence and self belief.


Adult Yoga (Vinyasa Flow and Hatha)...

Within our adult yoga classes we look to create an inclusive atmosphere so students of all abilities can enjoy. Adult yoga classes are Vinyasa Flow and Hatha and I focus on alignment and technical techniques to ensure you get the most out of your practise - class sizes are small so you get lots of help with this. Within the class, adults learn mediation,  relaxation and various prana and breathing skills. The adult yoga classes are holistic, not just a yoga workout! I work with schools to train staff too. 

Pregnancy Yoga Tunbridge Wells...

Pre and Post Natal Yoga classes have also been added to the Tunbridge Wells  schedule. These are five week courses, which enhance the pregnancy journey and support a positive birthing experience. 


Banana Studio Yoga is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. We also work in schools and privately throughout Kent. 


Yoga parties

Looking for a unique way to spend a birthday with friends?

We are now running yoga parties; bringing yoga to life through art, singing, dance and role play...a fun addition to jelly and ice-cream and sure to leave kids feeling happy on their special day! You can either have your party at home or in the Tunrbridge Wells yoga studio

Toddler tastic yoga

Yoga to help children learn to use their bodies, relax their mind and balance their emotions through tapping into their imagination with stories, songs and play

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Kids and teens yoga

Yoga to help enhance dexterity, build confidence, support social skills and empower through dance, movement, role play and mindfulness

Vinyasa flow and Hatha for adults 

Yoga to help adults feel both invigorated and relaxed.  Incorporating pranayama, self enquiry exercises and restorative yoga into the sessions so you have a rounded experience of yoga, not just the physical exercises.  

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